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    The Becoming

    Taking Steps is Easy, Standing Still is Hard

    April 16, 2016

    Originally posted in November 2014 Chinese Bamboo: Growing up, I experimented with planting – beans, corn, tomatoes, pepper and much later even pawpaw. It was pretty straightforward – plant some grains/seeds where there’s sunlight, water them and in a few days or weeks, watch the first few leaves sprout. I guess that the thrill for me was watching them come to life and going on with the fulfilment that I had “created” something, so to speak. Years later, I would…

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  • Inspiration The Becoming

    They Lied. You are Enough

    “Should we pass judgement on a painting while the artist still holds the brush? Don’t judge us yet; God’s not finished. Go” – Kirk Franklin   Growing up, I was constantly taunted for being thin.…

    April 14, 2016
  • Inspiration The Becoming

    Now You Can Lose Your Map

    Originally posted in April 2013 I remember breaking down in tears when I saw my NYSC call-up letter in March 2009. In that moment, I felt condemned to a slow painful death, or who…

    April 14, 2016